Our Vision


To deliver an innovative product portfolio that meets the specific needs and expectations of our clients and their customers, ensuring the peace of mind that they are truly covered and their needs are fully met with a reliable, sustainable and honest service.


Growth with Integrity, Reliability & Sustainability

We strive to achieve sustainable year on year growth with our existing and new partners. AMS can always be depended upon to provide reliable products, training and support with utmost integrity.

Adherence to ethical best practice, always treating our customers fairly

Ethical business practice has and continues to be a key foundation to the success of AMS. We value the partnerships we have with our customers and work continually to develop these relationships in a fair and transparent manner. Treating our employees fairly and keeping a happy and safe working environment enables us to achieve our mission.

Profitability through partnership & innovation

We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships ensuring success and profitability through the sale of our unique market leading products. We lead the way with innovative products adapting as the markets change to ensure we remain relevant now and in the future.